Fillings / Restorations

For those of us with dental work who like to talk, laugh or smile, a silver tooth filling shows the world where we could have taken better care of our teeth.  But what if there was a way to hide the fact that you even had any cavities in the first place?

Composite resin is a filling material designed for aesthetic dental restorations.  Formulated to resemble the color of your natural tooth, composite resin is often used for filling dental cavities or for dental bonding front teeth.

Composite resin consists of glass or quartz filler added to a resin medium, which produces a tooth-colored filling.  The invention of composite resin offers a substitute to the amalgam dental fillings we’ve grown so accustomed to.  This plastic and glass mixture contains no metal and can be shaped to resemble a real tooth.  Onlookers usually can’t tell that a tooth has even been filled.

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